Let’s face it, JPEG lineups aren’t ideal for music discovery. Not in the 21st century when we can make them interactive and listen to every artist with a single click. If festivals want to keep supporting hidden musical gems, we’ll need better lineups. Given Red Bull TV would be covering six festivals over summer 2016, we wanted to build an interactive web line-up for all of them, with each festival becoming prioritised as the landing page as the months rolled on. The microsite, built by Jam3, was the only hub where all of our festivals were featured on the same page, it also enabled us to compartmentalise artists  broadcasted live on Red Bull TV in the top segment of the vertical scroll.

The .js file had to be manually updated – simple matter of copy/pasting the artist’s unique key and selecting “yes” or “not” to specify if the artist is featured on Red Bull TV – which can be time consuming when lineups and legal clearances are changing every half hour. I have a distinct memory of filming additional content in Barcelona city centre and hot-spotting myself to update the lineups from a taxi on the way back to the festival.

The site was featured on Awwwards, a dedicated story sat permanently on redbull.com/music to support digital activation across all festivals (since removed). We also supported the creation of additional content to activate the festivals online, some examples here and here.

Agency: Jam3