Underground Beirut

Dear Beirut,

It seems I've fallen in love. From the moment I first set eyes on your skyline when the flight approached the landing strip, you never ceased to surprise me. I love that you speak English for business, Arabic for anything else, and French to complain. I love the green eyes and the dark hair, the churches and the mosques, the mountains and the sea. Your underground and overground act together, renegades from all walks of life have banded together to push counterculture forward. In the light or the dark, it doesn't matter.

It seems war has taught you to party like no-one else, every other city is sleeping while you are alive, seizing every night as if it were your last. All your peoples celebrate together, regardless of providence, personal belief or geographic boundaries. They dance and burn to alternative sounds that you have pioneered. I love that you don't care about these superficial differences, elements of fiction we should have outgrown. Instead you care about making fun easy for everyone.

Music is your language, and what you're saying is wonderful. I hope more people will stop to listen.

Underground Beirut From BO18 (Beirut's most legendary club, which started out as a bomb shelter during the war) to Uberhaus (the self-proclaimed 'all-dancing and all-punching social-faux-pas of this city's nightscape') via the globally respected likes of The Grand Factory and Hyte Beirut, Underground Beirut shows how the city's diverse cultures and creeds all party together at night.
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CREDITS BO18 Founder: Naji Gebran Uberhaus Founder: Ali Saleh Basement & Grand Factory Founder: Jade Mad Jam: DJ, Co-Founder Off & On Music Producer: ETYEN

Producer: Daniel Viecco Landucci Producer: Khalil Jeremias Emede Director: Chroniclr Camera Operator: Elias el Daaboul Beirut Fixer: Rawan Chami