Consulting • Freelance

For the past four years I’ve dedicated a day a week to my practice as an independent consultant and freelance producer, helping businesses and non-profits build content production and digital marketing capabilities. When I'm not producing interactive experiences I specialize in content and platform strategy: from early-stage roadmap design to implementation and distribution.

The focus and length of these collaborations varies widely depending on long-term strategic priorities. We decide together whether your needs can be solved with swift design solutions or regular consulting where I join the team for a pre-determined period of time.

By working with me you also gain access to a network of experienced artists, designers, composers and developers I’ve worked with repeatedly. We select the most suitable candidates for your project together.

I’ve been interested in the web, film and storytelling since I was young. Crowdfunding my first documentary about adventurers on Everest and in the arctic when I was 19, moving on to work as a producer and filmmaker for Red Bull and North Kingdom. Over the past decade I've grown from operating as a solo-shooter and photographer to leading multi-disciplinary teams on film, web and XR productions.