Here’s what I’m up to right now.

  • Running a non-profit organisation called Wallrunners, we're opening parkour schools in conflict areas.
  • Writing and animating a short story about a galactic ambassador's daughter called Stella. Expecting the first three chapters to be released in February.
  • Focusing on visual blogging as an outlet to practice ongoing learning in web development, 3D and graphics editing. Thoroughly enjoying the semi-professional excuse to dive into rabbit holes long left unattended.
  • Experimenting with D3, React and Three.js. I'll be using the same libraries to start an interactive climate publication with a friend, bringing attention to corporate disinformation campaigns.
  • Occasionally taking on new clients as an independent consultant.
  • Being consistent with my spiritual practice in turbulent times, exercising religiously to keep a positive mindset.

Current obsessions

  • Movie : Her
  • TV show : Schitt's Creek
  • Director : Salomon Ligthelm
  • Developer/Artist : Amelia Wattenberger
  • Book : Naval's Almanack
  • Blog : Melting Asphalt
  • Photographer : James Nachtwey
  • Music : Bring Me The Horizon - Post Human Survival Horror
  • Place : somewhere in the south of France

Last updated January 2021

Inspired by Derek Sivers and The /Now Movement