Launch Manifesto

Today we learn from anything and everything — the books we find, articles on the web, other humans, places we visit — we’re learning all the time. Which is why we started this project by collecting tens of thousands of articles, videos and classes over the last few months.

I have a long-standing passion for games, and game-based learning. I simply couldn’t imagine Undermind as anything other than a game, each and every new piece fitting nicely into our brain puzzles with a reward to help us see the bigger picture.

Humans are complicated and someday we’ll start accepting that magic recipes are just that, fiction. There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all curriculum. On the other hand it turns out there is such a thing as a one-size-fits-none wizard: Atlas. In his infinite wisdom (and sometimes humour) he can slowly begin to understand our needs, interests, abilities, dreams, and help us reach our full potential.

As millennials we have difficulties with authority and we dislike the status quo: schools telling us what to think, what to do and what to say. If the 21st century doesn’t fit neatly into rows, neither should we.

As a kid reading wasn’t “cool”, but it should be. We live in a world where internal growth and fulfilment have been left on the sidelines. Our own mind is an ocean of complexity that builds our entire reality, understanding ourselves seems pretty important in the grand scheme of things.

For all the reasons above, and many more, we teamed up and built Undermind on our weekends, mornings and evenings. We started by building half a product with a lot of TLC, and we’re hoping to build the second half with you. If you share in our belief that every man and woman should hope for an endless education, an interesting job and a fulfilling life… Undermind is for you.

Our mission is to contribute in the transformation of education, to inspire curiosity and help prepare students for the challenges of tomorrow.