Video and interactive journalist creating data-driven investigations and reports.

Hey there! My name's Tom.

I've been producing interactive and video content for the past decade, as a documentary filmmaker and as a Svelte and D3 developer. After leading large production teams on award-winning projects for agencies I created an independent journalism studio where I'm working on projects for Grist, Tortoise, NZZ and The Pudding.

I believe graphics are essential for impactful journalism, making complex topics more accessible to large audiences. In pursuit of better visuals I regularly interview experts about the tools and processes they use.

I was awarded a Pulitzer Center data journalism grant and a scholarship for Columbia School of Journalism’s Lede program.



I run a production studio that helps organisations solve complex communication problems by transforming their research or data into impactful visual content.

This is done by combining elements of journalism, design and creative technology to turn complex data and information into simple, beautiful and memorable communications for broad audiences. Past clients include NZZ, The Bureau Investigates, WHO, World Bank, UNDP, Seeds of Peace, Red Bull...

More about the studio.


I curate inspiration, insights and resources for data-driven storytelling on the blog here. Featuring projects that humanize complex stories by combining media, data, design and technology.