To everyone who helped in the making of this project, thank you.
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This film was started as an opportunity to collect photographs and videos that inspired me to new adventures and farther places. Now I hope in all sincerity I can share my inspiration with you.
For the past 12 months I followed an incredible bunch of foolhardy athletes into the Wilderness and the Mountains and I asked them to share their most unbelievable stories. 
I believe that we are capable of great and brave things, that there is so much more we must see. We live in a time bereft of self-reliance, a time of abundance - this is a return to something rudimental. 
This is an attempt to rekindle the fire that burns behind our eyes. Inside each of us is a desire that burns for the unclimbed mountains & unseen places.

Why? Why grab a tent and leave for a few days, why see something new, or simply share an adventure with someone? Between Snow & Stars is my answer to those questions.

I dedicate this film to every adventurous spirit.

Produced & Filmed by Tom Vaillant (
In Association with Vimeo & Rhino Camera Gear
Original Score by Jack Kitchen (
Additional Footage by Elia Saikaly, Philip Hart & Charles Joslain
Special Thanks to Magdalena
With Thanks to Charles Joslain & Tom Deeley
Edit, Colour Grade & VFX by Tom Vaillant
Featuring Tim Mosedale, Jon Gupta, Adam Booth, Arnaud Marchais, Yoan Yoshi, Alex Moiroud & Quentin Jourde
Associate Producers :
Philippe Hottinguer, Christophe Barnini, Anthony Faure, Philippe Cruveiller, André Bonnier, Pascal Launay, Philippe Chabert, Tony Vroon, Antoine Antaki, Marec, Alain Saboret, Amesys, KI Esprit Japon, Geneva Partners & Fabienne Herlaut